C60 Oil: The Powerful Key to a Robust Immune System

C60 Oil: The Powerful Key to a Robust Immune System

C60 Oil: Everything You Ought to Know

What you do daily directly affects your immune system. And today, more than ever, is the right time to take a careful look at your daily habits. That’s why in this article, I want to share with you the wonders of C60 oil. We’re going to look at its vital role in enhancing our biological defense system. I’ll guide you through:

  • C60 Fullerene and How it Functions to Promote Good Health
  • Fighting Viruses with Fullerene
  • Introducing C60 Oil: An Immunity-Boosting Supplement 
  • Dosage, Storage and Topical Use of C60 Oil

A weakened immune system could mean the difference between life and death. So make sure to eat nutrient-rich food and take supplements with immune-enhancing properties.

C60 Fullerene and How it Functions to Promote Good Health

C60 Fullerene — or simply fullerene — goes by many names. You can also refer to it as buckminsterfullerene. Fullerene is a chemical compound found in 1985, making it relatively new compared to most. It is used in medical applications because of the favorable characteristics that it exhibits. The health benefits of C60 are backed with extensive research. Here’s what science has to say about it:

  • It’s the most efficient antioxidant for targeting free-radicals.
    A 2013 article from the Connective Tissue Research Journal revealed an amazing fact about C60 fullerene. Researchers described it as a “free radical sponge.” This is owed to the efficiency of its antioxidant activity. They found that it is over hundreds of times more powerful than regular antioxidants.


  • Fullerene is effective in controlling inflammation.
    Another significant finding is from a study on how the nanoparticles of fullerol act to control inflammation focusing on lower back pain. Its authors found that the anti-inflammatory qualities of fullerene promise great potential as a treatment for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration.
C60 structure diagram


  • C60 fullerene enhances the body’s immune function.
    The Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Journal published research that proved how C60 supported immune function. In the same article, scientists found that it protected cells from radiation and oxidative damage.

Fighting Viruses with Fullerene

Viruses are one of the greatest existing threats against the living. And that’s not even an overstatement. Medical and technological advancements over the years have given us a significant advantage in fighting viral diseases. But before all that, viral epidemics throughout history have wiped out entire cities and claimed millions of lives. It seems that history might repeat itself with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the world.

The gravity of our current coronavirus outbreak highlights the need to find ways to mitigate the spread of viruses. Fullerene plays a crucial role in doing so as a proven compound that puts the production of viruses into a halt. Results of the 2013 study Anti-Influenza Activity of C60 Fullerene Derivatives found that derivatives from fullerene are ideal components for developing medicine that fights against influenza. The encouraging results of this research emphasize how C60’s chemical composition is designed to fight against viral diseases.

C60 fights against viruses like COVID-19

Introducing C60 Oil: An Immunity-Boosting Supplement

The major complication in creating a C60 supplement lies in its chemical composition. When combined with water, standard fullerene merely suspends above the surface. Experts found a simple yet ingenious solution to this problem: Combining the compound with a carrier oil to dissolve it and create a well-integrated substance. Olive oil and coconut oil are the main carriers used. This natural mixture makes it possible to reap the benefits of C60 by ingesting or topically applying the oil.

Aside from the previously mentioned key benefits of buckminsterfullerene, users of C60 oil experience the following advantages:  



Gradual and consistent intake of C60 oil can improve your overall health, slow down aging, and boost your immune system. All this and more due to the concentration of antioxidants used to protect the body from free radicals and toxins.  

Dosage, Storage, and Topical Use of C60 Oil

DOSAGE: No specific dosage has been determined for C60 oil intake. According to manufacturers online, users gauge dosage between one to two teaspoons per day. C60 oil is safe for consumption at any time of the day whether you prefer to take it with food or not.

TOPICAL USE: C60 oil can be applied topically onto different areas of the body. Manufacturers advise applying this topically during evenings as further research is needed regarding its interaction with sunlight. 

STORAGE: Store oil away from sunlight and keep at room temperature. C60 can last up to two years in proper storage. 

Fortify Your Body’s Immune Response

Make a conscious effort to defend yourself and your loved ones against life-threatening diseases, including COVID-19. To learn more about the practical and effective immunity-boosting methods you can take, visit our homepage at BoostYourImmuneSystem.org.

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